The Pet Role Trust offers the following advice to help you towards the right course.

If you are considering a dog do think carefully before you make that decision.

Remember bringing one of God's creatures in to share your life should be a responsible and considered act.

In that sense you need to think twice before getting any pet.

Ask yourself one question:

Will I be a good owner?

The Pet Role Trust offers the following advice to help you towards the right course:


Consider the way you and others who share your home live their lives.

  • How many hours each day are you and your family away from home.
  • Is the available space sufficient for the proposed pet?
  • Are you or others able to exercise the pet by taking it for walks?
  • Do you have a garden or other area for unsupervised play?


  • Some pets can cost a lot of money especially rare breeds.
  • Vet's fees, injections and neutering can be expensive - it's not a once only deal!. Do consider insuring your pet.
  • Responsible Owners need to learn what not to do as well as the right way to treat animals.

Think about the pet therefore before you buy any pet.


Some pets are less suitable than others and each family should carefully consider whether or not they would live with a certain type of pet.

  • Is the pet like you? Often people are compared to their pets. Perhaps you may be pleased by the companion but do consider this, as the pet of your choice makes a statement about you.
  • Do you feel that the proposed pet would be good with any young children you may have? Some dogs have strong characters and are less likely than others to be happy with a small child playing with them.


This is not an easy subject to address. Responsible Pet Owners should consider staying with their dog right to the end, for you as well as for them. Responsible Owners should be aware of the awesome responsibility upon them when it comes to making this awful decision.

If having considered the above points you would still like to proceed then why not take all the family out to meet the potential pet. Introduce yourselves to each other and see how it feels.

Your pet is going to be an important member of the family with lots of love to give, so be sure you really want to be a responsible pet owner before you buy. Responsible Pet ownership brings great happiness to both owner and pet. Irresponsible Pet Ownership brings great unhappiness to both owners, pets and potentially others and other pets.