More about The Pet Role Trust founder 'animal authority' Kevin Horkin and the journey so far.

Kevin Horkin truly deserves the accolade awarded to him by the Stars of Coronation Street as "The Pet King". If all he was remembered for was teaching people to be responsible pet owners, Kevin Horkin would be overjoyed.

Animals and dogs in particular have shaped Kevin's life since he was a young man taking his young Jack Russell terrier for walks in the hills above his then home in Rawtenstall. Kevin loves animals and dogs in particular.

He grew up believing in the joys shared with man's best friend. He is a great believer in the special relationship that exists between human beings and animals. Kevin has an enthusiasm for his subject that is so warm and infectious that it just can't help rubbing off on you.

Kevin is a specialist breeder of rare dogs. He imported one of the first Chinese Shar Pei dogs, famous for their wrinkly faces, into Britain, he was also the first to introduce the Neapolitan Mastiff into the North West with his dog, Louis, winning honours at Crufts. He is currently a breeder of rare French and Hungarian Blue Bulldogs. Although he can confidently talk about many different kinds of animals dogs, which he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of, remain his first and enduring love.

Kevin is a recognised Pet Expert with a wealth of experience and an established name in broadcasting and journalism. He has been a regular contributor and pet consultant to many TV programmes including This Morning. hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. Kevin worked on the programme for a 8 years just before its famous move to London. Through his Pet Role - Star Pet Agency he went on to provide animals for a number of T.V. Programmes.

In 1987 Granada Studios asked him if he could supply some animals for the nations best loved soap ‘Coronation Street’. Kevin agreed and there began an association with the programme that lasted some 18 years, supplying everything from the cat on the roof to Jacks Pigeons, Hilda’s cat and even Mavis’s Budgie. During this time Kevin was in great demand for his ‘Animal Services’ The Pet Role agency’s list of credits is impressive. Pet Role worked on some of the nations top T.V. Programmes including: ITV’s Touch of Frost, The Sooty and Sweep Show, You’ve Been Framed, Albion Market, Emmerdale Farm, Families, Sherlock Holmes, Stars In Their Eyes, Prime Suspect and Where the Heart is to name but a few.

As a consequence of his involvement with animals Kevin has interviewed over two hundred stars and personalities about their pets, has appeared on and presented many television programmes, including live presentation at Crufts and other major annual events. During Kevin’s early T.V. career many celebrities had called upon his skills and services to supply them their own individual pets, this resulted in Kevin’s two books which were ‘Pets and personalities on Coronation Street’ and ‘Star Dogs: What Stars Think about their Pets'. He has also appeared as a Pet Expert in The Pet Set (2003) a 6 Programme Series exploring our relationship with pets.

Kevin is an experienced writer, national newspaper columnist, and contributor to many glossy magazines. He has interviewed over two hundred stars and personalities about their pets, has appeared on and presented many television programmes, including live presentation at Crufts and other major dog shows. His Pet People column appeared in The Sunday People Newspaper from January 1995 onwards. He has been a regular columnist for national magazines such as ‘Mad about Dogs’, Sainsbury’s Pet Club Monthly Magazine in which he had a Pet features column. As an Actor Kevin has appeared in a number of TV Dramas including the Comedy Drama Catwalk Dogs (2007).

Kevin is also Media Director of Our Dogs - the oldest canine publication in the world - a position he has held since the year 2000. Today Kevin uses his talents to promote responsible pet ownership. He is aware of the need for a wide public awareness of all our pet's requirements. He states that, "If we treat our innocent friends with love, affection and understanding, then the wonderful world of pets will enhance the lives of all responsible owners."