Information on the Pet Role Trust History our Mission and more about the owner himself Kevin Horkin

Kevin Horkin truly deserves the accolade awarded to him by the Stars of Coronation Street as "The Pet King". If all he was remembered for was teaching people to be responsible pet owners, Kevin Horkin would be overjoyed. Animals and dogs in particular have shaped Kevin's life since he was a young man taking his young Jack Russell terrier for walks in the hills above his then home in Rawtenstall. Kevin loves animals and dogs in particular.

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The Pet Role Trust was established against the background of the Public debate surrounding the Dangerous Dogs Act introduced by the then Home Secretary, Kenneth Baker. The controversial aspects of the dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or the Baker Bill as it became known related to the intention to have American Pit Bull Terriers "humanely destroyed" in other words "put to sleep".

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The Pet Role Trust seeks to promote Responsible Pet Ownership. It aims to do this via a mixture of Campaigning, Education, Lobbying for changes in the law and Charitable Fundraising. The Pet Role Trust believes that owning a pet is a unique privilege for the owner which brings with it a wide range of obligations. A responsible pet owner should know that bringing a pet into their home/family means that they will care for the pet.

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If you are considering a dog do think carefully before you make that decision. Remember bringing one of God's creatures in to share your life should be a responsible and considered act. In that sense you need to think twice before getting any pet. Ask yourself one question: Will I be a good owner?

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