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About the Pet Role Trust

The Pet Role Trust is a registered Charity operating under the auspices of the Director of the Charities Aid Foundation. Our Aims and Objectives are displayed below:

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If you are considering a dog do think carefully before you make that decision. Remember bringing one of God's creatures in to share your life should be a responsible and considered act. In that...

Kevin launched a campaign of national publicity in the press and on Radio and TV against the so called "canine euthanasia" clauses of the bill. The intention was to seek to phase out so called...

The Pet Role Trust seeks to promote Responsible Pet Ownership. It aims to do this via a mixture of Campaigning, Education, Lobbying for changes in the law and Charitable Fundraising.

Kevin Horkin truly deserves the accolade awarded to him by the Stars of Coronation Street as "The Pet King". If all he was remembered for was teaching people to be responsible pet owners, Kevin...

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thepet role trust & Kevin horkin

Kevin Horkin


Recognised TV Pet Expert & Presenter

Kevin Horkin is a TV pet consultant and presenter who has appeared on a number of animal themed TV programmes. He has also co-presented two series of programmes for Granada TV called The Pet Set and Animal Tales.

Successful Responsible Pet Campaigner.

Kevin’s fundraising charity work, both locally and nationally, is widely acclaimed and complements his work for the Pet Role Trust where he uses his talents as a Pet Consultant to seek to promote public awareness of responsible pet ownership.

Accomplished Author & Publisher

He has been involved in the publishing of a number of books including two for charity: 'Star Dogs: What do Celebrities Think about their Pets' and 'Pets and Personalities on Coronation Street'. Kevin is also Media Director of Our Dogs.


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